About our Club

The Exeter Skating Club is non-profit organization.  Our club operates in the Western Ontario Section of Skate Canada and is in the H.O.M.E. (Huron, Oxford, Middlesex, and Elgin) Region.  We are a member of Skate Canada and governed by the rules and regulations set out by the organization.  Skate Canada is a national organization with sections in every Canadian province.  Skate Canada is dedicated to encouraging skating, both recreational and competitive, at all levels, for beginners to the national team.  Be sure to check out www.skating-wos.on.ca and www.skatecanada.com for more skating information.

Board of Directors

The business of the skating club is carried on by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors hirese the professional coaches, rents the ice, organizes the shcduel and sets the fees.  These people are serving the club on a voluntary basis and at all times have the welfare of the club in their best interest.

Board of Director meetings are held every month and all ESC members are welcome to attend.  Meeting dates and times will be posted.