ESC Directors and General Executive 2018-2019

    The business of the skating club is carried out by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors hires the professional coaches, rents the ice, organizes the schedule and sets the fees. These people are serving you on a voluntary basis and at all times have the welfare of the club in their best interest.

Past Chair          Jackie Dietrich
Chairs           to be filled
Treasurer           Jason Wein 
Secretary           Donna Gregus
Registrar        to be filled
Coach Rep           Kathy McLlwain


CanSkate Rep     to be filled
Fundraising         Denise Boyle
Test Chair          Tiffany Morley
Music               Tamara Thompson
Newsletter          Meg Theophilopoulos
Synchro             Kerry Ansems
Volunteers          Shauna Coward
Sponsorship         Donna Gregus
Home Tour           Meg Theophilopoulos
Carnival            Jackie Dietrich
Awards           to be filled
PA Liason           Tiffany Morley
Media               Meg Theophilopoulos
Skate Canada Tickets Bev Prout 


    THANK YOU to ALL the parent volunteers who participate and assist in making our skating club so successful!
    Executive meetings are held once per month, and all ESC members are welcome to attend
    Meeting dates and times will be posted (or ask an executive member).
    Skate Canada fees are not refundable. Balance of registration fee is fully refundable until November 1, 2018. Refunds will be pro-rated after this date.