Annual Awards

  • Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Award Winners!
  • Most Improved Canskate A: Jordyn Kuenzig/Owen Munn
    Most Improved Canskate B: Sam Finlayson/Alex Overholt
    Canskater of the Year: Pearl Patel
    Canskate Spirit Award: Cadence Bowerman/Ella Desjardine

    Most Improved Group Pre-Junior: Avery Watson
    Most Improved Junior Skater: Jasmine MacAdam
    Most Improved Senior: Lauren Anstett

    Skater of the Year: Lauren Moore
    PA Award: Sarah Kwajafa/Drew Horner
    Volunteers of the Year: Su Brintnell/Shonyn Coward

  • Canskate Wrap-Up: Congratulations to the Canskate members who received their trophies and final badges at the final 2011/12 session.
  • We would like to extend special congratulations to our Canskate Award Winners:

    Canskater of the Year: Bria McCann
    Canskate A Most Improved: Cullen Kerslake and Mya McCann
    Canskate B Most Improved: Hailey Finkbeiner and Brett Bowerman
    Canskate Spirit Awards: Aaron Hodgins and Keirstan Ryan
    PA of the Year: Kirsty Howe

  • Pre-Junior, Junior & Senior Wrap-Up & Awards Banquet: Monday, April 16th, 7p.m. at the Hensall Community Centre in the upstairs meeting room which overlooks the ice surface. More details will be emailed to these members in April.
  • Awards Banquet – March 2010/11
  • Most Improved CanSkate A: Will Coward
    Most Improved CanSkate B: Avery Watson/Carson Southcott
    CanSkate Spirit Award: Halle Barton/Brayden Tomlinson
    CanSkater of the Year: Ella Cleave
    Pre-Junior Award: Kayleigh Boyle
    Junior Award: Shay-Lynn Durand/Evelyn Walsh
    Senior Award: Laura McGregor
    Program Assistant Award: Sarah Kwajafa/Brock Horner
    Skater of the Year: Kirsty Howe
    Volunteer of the Year: Sharla Moore